Men’s Club Trainers

Jeff Lindstrom

Jeff found his passion for fitness in teaching people to become healthy, fit and reach their goals. He begins by helping clients build a strong core foundation and then adapting their program to target their specific goals. From improving general health and fitness or working on a specific sport to increasing flexibility or losing a few pounds, Jeff’s positive attitude and fitness expertise ensures clients’ achieve their goals.

Jeff thrives on getting results. His well-rounded fitness knowledge enables him to tailor his programs to meet the unique needs of his clients. Using proper technique and progressive challenges, his clients soon see the physical and mental rewards of their fitness investment.


  • Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate (MRC)
  • PASA (Physical Activity & Sports Administration Diploma)
  • NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program Theory II)
  • NSCA-CPT (National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer)
  • Keiser certified cycle instructor
  • AFLCA (resistance training)
  • Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Personal Trainer since 2000
  • Continually attends fitness conferences and workshops

Training Specialties

  • Weight control, strength and toning/definition
  • Ball programming, postural correction
  • Sport specific: squash, hockey, skiing

Ras Sahota

Ras is motivated to see each of his clients succeed with their fitness goals, which is why all training programs are tailored to the individual. With years of experience working closely with physiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors, Ras ensures that personal training sessions complement health regimes and treatments. Overall Ras is committed to helping clients seek lifestyle change towards optimal health and fitness.

Ras' keen interest in the area of golf fitness has led him to pursue a 'Certified Golf Fitness Instructor' Certification by the Titleist Performance Institute. He can help turn your game around and identify physical performance factors that limit players from progressing in their game and achieving their goals.


  • Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate (MRC)
  • MES 2002 (Medical Exercise Specialist)
  • Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer Specialist
  • AFLCA (resistance training and group fitness)
  • Keiser certified cycle instructor
  • Personal Trainer since 1999
  • Continually attends seminars/conferences on a variety of current topics

Training Specialties

  • Post Rehabilitation: worked with various physiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors in developing post rehabilitation protocols for a variety of injuries including impingement rotator cuff, patella-femoral, ACL rupture
  • Golf conditioning clinics
  • Ski conditioning clinics
  • Yearly periodized athletic conditioning programs (hockey, squash)

Riaz Basrai

Riaz is a knowledgeable fitness trainer who believes anything can be achieved through hard work and dedication. While completing the Personal Fitness Trainer Program at Mount Royal College, he performed his practicum at the Bow Valley Club and was hired soon there after. Since then, he has provided our members with challenging, time efficient and enjoyable fitness programs.

Riaz teaches his clients how to effectively manipulate their current programs to add functionality and incorporate core stability. His emphasis on proper technique and versatility enables his clients to add variety to their fitness routine and optimize their time in the gym to achieve the best results.


  • Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate (MRC)
  • CFC (certified fitness consultant)
  • Keiser certified cycle instructor
  • Can Fit Pro PTS
  • NCCP Level 1 (National Coaching Certification Program Theory I)
  • Personal Trainer since 2004
  • AFLCA (resistance training)

Training Specialties

  • Core strengthening, stability and postural correction
  • Weight control, full body strengthening, balance and flexibility
  • Injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise
  • Sports specific: Hockey, squash, skiing


    "Working out with Jeff has helped me improve not just my physical but my overall well being.  Jeff tailored a work out regime that fits my goals, my body type and my schedule.   His skill at assessing my level of fitness and designing a personalized training regimen with new and varied exercises constantly challenges me.  More over, Jeff is a great motivator.  He understands when (and what type of) encouragement I need and his positive attitude and demeanour is inspiring.  Overall, I used to look at working-out as a means to achieving a certain weight, or waist size.  Thanks to Jeff’s coaching, improving my overall fitness is now an integrated part of my life-style. Thanks Jeff!"

    -Andrew K.

    "I have worked with Jeff Lindstrom as my personal trainer for two years. Jeff takes a practical, focused and flexible approach to training. Whether the goal has been weight management, general health and fitness, sport specific training or injury rehabilitation, Jeff has designed a multitude of programs, and provided the individual motivation which I required, to be successful. However, above all else, Jeff has fostered a rapport that makes his training sessions not only effective, but quite enjoyable!!!"

    -Mark D.


    "I began working with Ras at the start of 2002, just after having some minor surgery on my right foot. I decided to work with Ras because I was scheduled to run a 17km leg in a relay race in June, so I needed a fitness program that could help me recover as well as get me in the shape I needed to be in to complete the run. The operation required 6 weeks of healing as well as physiotherapy to get my foot back up to normal.

    Ras started me off with some basic exercises that built my core strength and helped my foot heal. He was particularly focused on building upon what my physiotherapist wanted me to do and ensured that I did not try to do things too quickly to prevent the risk of further injury. After time, we started on a basic weekly running program which Ras designed that included a combination of long and short tempo runs. The program started gradually and increased as my fitness level improved and we got closer to the race date. We also did strength exercises which supported the running training and focused on posture, core strength and muscle balance. Ras showed me a whole new series of exercises that have helped my fitness and strength levels significantly.

    The overall program was a success and I was very pleased with the run I did. I continue to follow Ras' program and often seek his input. He is very a personable and thoughtful and innovative in the type of exercises he comes up with. He is also very tolerant and never makes you feel bad if you are having a bad day, or have to reschedule appointments on short notice. I highly recommend Ras a personal trainer - he is very capable and enjoyable to work with. "
    -Drew R.


    "I've been working with Riaz for over 4 months - the goal is to improve my overall fitness for ski and squash after a knee injury several months ago. Riaz has set up an excellent program designed to improve my upper body and core strength - as well as focus on the stability of the knee. It is clear that he knows the theory & practice and is careful to explain what each exercise & stretch is designed to do and why. He has evolved the program as I've improved and continues to make it interesting and challenging. I've found Riaz to be a pleasant but firm trainer and he is flexible in his time and persistent in ensuring I get to the club. I've noticed, in the time I've worked with Riaz, a big improvement in my core strength and stability and intend to continue working with Riaz to improve my overall fitness. Riaz is a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a personal trainer."

    -Glenn G.

    "The Bow Valley Club has always advocated a healthy lifestyle. I have been a member of the Bow Valley Club for fifteen years, and with their constant support I was able to change my lifestyle to be healthier and more active. 
    For the first eleven years of my membership I visited the club on an occasional basis. My periodic visits proved to be of little benefit to my health or my appearance. In the fall of 2003, after my younger brother had a severe heart attack that resulted in quintuple bypass surgery, I chose to make a change and committed to improving my health.
    When I returned home I began working with Riaz at the club. His program gave me structure and pushed me to be disciplined and committed to success.  With his support and personalized workout routine, I quickly began to see results.  I also started to feel better, eat better and sleep better. It was hard to believe that such results could be achieved by dedicating a small portion of ones day to working out at the club. This small adjustment in lifestyle changed my body shape, increased my fitness level, lowered my cholesterol and helped me set a positive example for my family. Being fit is so important and the Bow Valley club’s equipment, resources, and welcoming atmosphere have helped me to achieve that.  I started my experience at the age of forty six.  My only regret is that I should have started with Riaz sooner." 

    -Dave B.

    "I've been training with Riaz since October, 2006. Previous to this, I hadn't been an active participant in resistance and core training. Riaz has been very helpful on an ongoing basis to design and evolve a training program for me that has me feeling a whole lot better both physically and mentally. I've lost about 10 lbs, toned up my 49 year old body and it has also greatly helped my performance in sports I participate in like hockey, skiing and squash. I feel I have more energy for many of life's other pursuits as well and I'm also managing the stress that comes along with all that much better, too. I would highly recommend Riaz and the BVC Club to anyone! "

    -Michael H.

    Women's Club Trainers

    Tammy White

    Tammy’s relationship with each of her clients is a partnership. She provides each client with all of the   tools they will need to accomplish their goals - appropriate exercises, motivation, and information. Her partner (a.k.a. client) has to put in the sweat equity and commitment during their sessions and on their own!

    Tammy is goal orientated creating a program specifically designed to meet her client’s needs; however, the first step is to ensure a client’s goals are realistic. As with any partnership communication is extremely important! Tammy relies on honest and ongoing feedback with her clients so that she can make adjustments to keep her clients on track towards achieving their goals.


    • Bachelor of Physical Education, University of Calgary
    • AFLCA Trainer for Group Fitness, and Strength and Resistance
    • Group Fitness Instructor since 1988
    • First Aid and CPR Level C
    • Personal Trainer since 1993

    Training Specialties

    • Injury Rehabilitation
    • Ergonomics
    • Posture Correction and Core Strength
    • Motor Vehicle Rehabilitation
    • Special Populations: youth, pain management, head injury, return to work
    • Building lean muscle and toning
    • Weight Control
    • Sport Specific Training

    Brenda KellerBrenda Keller

    Brenda is an energetic fitness trainer who believes that positive thinking is the best way to achieve success. After struggling with her weight for many years, it took the influence of one aerobic instructor to make her realize that not all instructors have to have the “perfect” body in order to make an impact on someone else’s life. Her pure enjoyment for physical activity led her to become a group fitness instructor in 1998.

    Through developing core strengths and then utilizing them to achieve specific fitness goals, Brenda’s tailored training methods help clients on their journey to better health and fitness.


    • Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate (MRC)
    • CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
    • Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer Specialist
    • AFLCA (resistance training and group fitness)
    • First Aid & CPR Certified
    • Keiser certified cycle instructor
    • Sport related coach since 1994
    • Personal trainer since 2001

    Training Specialties

    • Injury rehabilitation and postural correction
    • Core strength and stability, balance and flexibility
    • Weight control, strength and toning/definition
    • Fitness Assessment: pre/post natal fitness
    • Sports specific: running & a variety of sports

    Sherry GarridoSherry Garrido

    Sherry is an enthusiastic trainer and yoga instructor with three main passions in her life: fitness, yoga and family. She is constantly utilizing her knowledge of fitness and yoga to find new ways to improve the environmental situations that enable a person to work on all aspects of functional fitness. Sherry focuses on helping her clients achieve a balance of mind, body, and spirit to fulfill their fitness and lifestyle goals.


    • Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate (MRC)
    • CSEP CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
    • Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer Specialist
    • AFLCA (resistance training and group fitness)
    • Certified Ashtanga yoga instructor since 2004
    • Personal Trainer since 2003

    Training Specialties

    • Core strength and stability, balance and flexibility
    • Weight control, strength and toning/definition
    • Functional strength and conditioning
    • Special populations: pre/post pregnancy, osteoporosis, diabetes
    • Ashtanga yoga for beginners to intermediate levels

    Marisha Shegda

    Marisha's Bio - in motion


    • In motion

    Training Specialties

    • In motion


      "I have been training with Tammy White for the past 3 years and I have definitely seen great results. I have never had a trainer that can give such a hard workout while making it fun. Choosing the right trainer can make all the difference in the world. It can mean the difference between success or failure. With Tammy you definitely get success. Tammy designs a program tailored specifically to your needs.  She stays”tuned in” to how your body is reacting to the program and makes adjustments as needed. Tammy ensures that I know how the exercise is done properly, so I can do it right and get the maximum benefit from each rep.Enthusiasm, dedication, and heart…all the things that make a great personal trainer are all the things Tammy has. Tammy is a trainer I recommend to everyone who is serious about reaching your fitness goals."
      -Sharon L.


      "I started training with Brenda for 'one session only' to make sure I had proper form when strength training. several years later, I'm still working out with Brenda because I keep seeing benefits and rewards from our sessions. In that time, Brenda's encouraged me while I trained for and completed several half-marathons, a full marathon, various triathlons and she is now helping me, with the support of my triathlon coach, as I train for my second half-Ironman distance triathlon. Brenda has also helped me cope with a nagging running injury. Brenda is creative, patient and persistent. She knows how to encourage and push me to push myself. I always feel like we're a team, even though I'm the one wobbling on the BOSU ball and she's the one with the clipboard. My strength training, my running, cycling, swimming and my overall fitness are all improved thanks to my time working with Brenda."
      -Maureen M.


      "Since joining the Bow Valley Club a little over a year ago, I have made some big strides in my personal fitness such as dropping from a size 12 to a size 10. I owe a portion of my success to Sherry Garrido, the personal trainer I worked with. Sherry designs programs that keep me challenged and interested in maintaining my fitness level. Sherry also showed me that I have the strength within me to go that extra rep, even when I didn't think I could. We have discussed nutrition, general health issues and worked together to ready me for my first 5KM run in October 2005."
      -Tracy W.

      "I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Sherry for the past year. Before coming to the Bow Valley Club, I was extremely bored with my workout routine and hadn't seen results in months. Well, Sherry has helped me change that in a hurry! I really appreciate how much thought she puts into my routines - they are creative, challenging and always in line with my fitness goals. She continually demonstrates great knowledge and understanding of current fitness trends and has been instrumental in fuelling my love for yoga. I appreciate Sherry's never-ending smile and the enthusiasm with which she approaches each of my sessions. I would highly recommend Sherry to anyone."
      -Christy P.

      Personal Training

      Both the Men’s and Women’s Fitness Floors offer a team of certified Personal Trainers. Our trainers have a diverse range of backgrounds and areas of expertise, which enables them to deliver innovative fitness programs that keep regimens fresh, fun and effective.